Residential Property Management Minnesota

When looking for expertise in managing your home Creative Housing Real Estate should definitely be on your list of Residential Property Management Minnesota. We’ve been helping homeowners increase their cash flow and home value since 2002.

One of the biggest keys to our success is our focus on the entire relocation process. In addition to residential property management Minnesota, we also run a very successful corporate housing and relocation service. This means we have access to many corporate professionals moving to the Minnesota area and we can match them up with residential homes or corporate apartments. Having such a wide expertise in this niche area is a huge benefit to our residential property management Minnesota clients.

Our experience, knowledge, value, flexibility and service will provide an easy, stress free and streamlined experience for you and your tenants.

Creative Housing Real Estate has been in the industry for many years, with over 50 years of industry experience between the broker and associates. In addition to the vast experience of the brokers, each team member is well versed in the industry, carefully chosen and have received extensive training to ensure high quality service with every aspect of each transaction. Our experience in the industry covers all aspects of rental/interim housing including: furnished housing, unfurnished housing, relocation/assimilation services, leasing and residential property management Minnesota.

Our team is very active in many key industry organizations Including: NARPM/MHA/MAAR/MERC/WBENC/CHPA. Serving on the Board and participating in educational opportunities ensures we are on top of current market trends and important policy changes as well as fostering business partnerships with companies that benefit our large corporate clients.

We are highly involved in the following:

The National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM). As active members it allows us to access well qualified sources for unique housing needs in rural markets. 

Minnesota Multi Housing Association (MHA).  As Board members it allows us the opportunity to learn about trends, best practices, new laws and form relationships and partnerships which ultimately lays an excellent foundation for executing master leases with preferred terms, rates and overall costs reductions/savings.

Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors (MAAR).  Our membership ensures we are up-to-date on the ever-changing rules and regulations of the housing market.  In addition this gives us the means to source reliable avenues for unique housing requests

Minnesota Employee Relocation Council (MERC). As Board members it ensures we are well informed on current markets and needs for our clients as well as offering many educational opportunities for our team.

This kind of education and involvement is imperative in understanding and being able to succeed in residential property management Minnesota.

In addition to the training for each Creative Housing Real Estate team member, we cross-train our team to ensure the highest level of knowledge and competencies.  This means, each staff member also receives cultural training to assist in spanning the disparities between the many different cultures we serve coming from around the world. In addition, our team has worked with the Athena Group- who specializes in global strategies to help enhance communications, processes, procedures and best serve our clients—both domestic and international. We mention this because in today’s residential rental market, there are a wide variety of renters who make excellent customers — especially those coming to Minnesota via their employers.

Owning and living in your home is a much different experience than leasing it out. There are many nuances that only a seasoned residential property management Minnesota company can understand and navigate.

It’s an honor and privilege to serve our clients. We treat your home like it was our home. To learn more about our expertise in residential property management Minnesota, call us today at: 763-479-4231

"I always knew you ran a very efficient company and we`ve enjoyed working with you and your team."