Rental Properties in Minnesota

Are you a homeowner looking to add your home to the rental properties in Minnesota? Your timing couldn’t be better. The rental home market in Minnesota is good. In fact, it’s usually always good and can go from good to great with the right leasing and management team. Partnering with Creating Housing Real Estate means you are tapping into specialized expertise.

Our expertise includes relocating individuals and families since 2002. We work with corporate clients all over the world in helping employees relocate. We relocate people here in Minnesota or in any of the other 49 United States. We have relationships with homeowners and apartment communities all across the country. Our proven and repeatable systems are a direct outcome from this experience. We continue to take the best of the best when working with owners, renters, and corporations. We apply what works and continually monitor our success. This means you have a team of dedicated professionals who will “tell it like it is.”

Listing your rental properties in Minnesota with means an ongoing relationship. We will work with you to upgrade your home if necessary. We run a tight ship and all maintenance issues are address immediately. We do everything possible to ensure the highest value for you and for your tenants. We know how to keep costs low and rents high and this takes expertise and talent.

If you’re looking to rent rental properties in Minnesota, then everything we said above should give you peace of mind. Renting a home can be a challenging experience. You want to be certain you are working with an owner and management company that cares. It’s an investment for you and your family — an investment of money, time, quality of life, etc. We are experts and matching owners, homes and families. Part of the value to the owner and renter is making sure the fit is good. Unhappy renters are costly.

We have exclusive rental properties in Minnesota as well as access to all rental homes in the area. Just let us know what you are looking for and we’ll go to work for you.

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"I always knew you ran a very efficient company and we`ve enjoyed working with you and your team."