Rental Homes in Minnesota

Creative Housing Real Estate has an exclusive list of rental homes in Minnesota. We’ve been in the area for many, many years and have been working with families relocating since 2002. We fully understand the home rental market in Minnesota.

Check out our exclusive rental homes in Minnesota exclusive listings by clicking here. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, then you can expand your search by clicking here.

We specialize in leasing and management of rental homes so we have a unique advantage when helping you find perfect rental homes in Minnesota. We know the owners, we know the area, we know the amenities, we have real insider information to ensure the perfect home for you and your family. As professional property managers, we work closely with rental homeowners to upgrade the properties and keep a close eye on all maintenance areas. We want you to have an exceptional rental experience.

If you are a homeowner looking to rent out your home, then you’ve come to the right place. We have the best technology and the best face-to-face customer service of any leasing and management company in the state. Our process for selecting the best tenants is unmatched. This is a big benefit to the homeowner and the renter. We ensure a win-win for all our rental homes in Minnesota.

We are picky, picky, picky! We have a 210 point quality checklist that is done for each and every move-in and move-out. Our reputation, experience and expertise allows us to provide leasing of privately owned property all across the country — we partner with brokers and investment groups as well as individuals nationwide. This means we have access to environments and information that are exclusive to us.

There are many rental homes in Minnesota to choose from. We will guide you so that your next rental home is the perfect home. We’re happy to share our expertise with you! Call us today: 763-479-4321.

"I always knew you ran a very efficient company and we`ve enjoyed working with you and your team."